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The History of JB Dewar
A young Jack Dewar (left), former president of JB Dewar, with his uncle Jim (center) and father, JB Dewar founder, John (right).

JB Dewar has a long history on the Central Coast and an even longer family history in the fueling industry. From the beginning, the company was founded on values rooted in family and hard work, dating back to the man who started it all, John B. Dewar. The first JB Dewar board consisted of John Dewar as President, Jack Dewar as Vice President and John’s wife, Mrs. Edith Dewar, as the Secretary/Treasurer. Today, Jack’s son, Ken, serves as President of JB Dewar. His goal is the same one his father and grandfather once had, providing something beyond petroleum products to the Central Coast…exceptional service to our customers, and the community.

Take a road trip, stop at one of JB Dewar’s locations to fuel up and see just how far we’ve come.

JB Dewar Norwalk fleet
The JB Dewar Norwalk fleet in front of San Luis Obispo High School, circa 1950’s.
Vintage Hancock gasoline pump
Fuel pump at the original SLO location, showing the blended fuel JB Dewar offered at the time.