Bulk Fuel & Lube Delivery

Fuel & Lubricants

Bulk Delivery


JB Dewar delivers fuel and lubricants directly to your site via our fleet of tank wagons, box trucks, flatbeds and trailers. We are well equipped in the event of an emergency or short turnaround need, with 200,000 gallons of fuel and 67,000 gallons of oil on hand. Contact us today to schedule your request for delivery.

Fuel Tanks to Rent or Purchase

The Dewar Depot is stocked with a broad range of fuel storage tanks that are available to rent or purchase. From 50-gallon pickup transfer tanks to 10,000-gallon stationary tanks, we have what you’re looking for, or can get it on order.  Some choices include:

  • Single-wall or double-wall lube oil tanks
  • Waste oil tanks
  • Stationary gasoline and diesel tanks
  • Portable diesel transfer tanks for pickups/trailers
  • Secondary containment for tanks and drums
  • Steel and aluminum covered steel tanks (including choices that combine with and match popular Crossover Truck Boxes/Chests)

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