Reliable Diesel Fuel Suppliers Santa Barbara County

About JB Dewar

Access to diesel delivery Santa Barbara County is essential, not just for business owners but also for individuals in the region. At JB Dewar, we provide quality diesel and other fuel products delivered promptly to any location in the area. We understand the importance of having reliable fuel supply access and ensuring our customers always have the necessary resources.


Bulk Fuel Delivery Services 

JB Dewar offers bulk diesel fuel delivery services throughout Santa Barbara County. We provide your business with a dependable and cost-effective way to keep your equipment running optimally year-round. 

On-Site Fueling 

If you’re looking for a convenient way to keep your diesel vehicles topped up, JB Dewar offers on-site fueling services. We will come to your location and fuel your diesel vehicles with quality fuel that is sure to get the job done. 

Fuel Tank Installation 

We provide professional fuel tank installation services for anyone who needs to store diesel on-site. Our tanks are made of high-quality materials designed to meet your needs. We guarantee that our tanks will stand up to the test of time and can be relied upon to provide reliable access to a diesel supply whenever you need it. 

Fuel Tank Pumping & Maintenance 

We understand that keeping your tanks running optimally is essential for the efficient functioning of your business. That’s why we ensure to keep our pumps in top condition at all times. Our experienced professionals are always available to provide reliable access to a diesel supply whenever needed. 

Depot Store

The Dewar Depot store is on Meredith Lane in Santa Barbara County, where you can pick up all your fuel needs with ease. Whether you need diesel, filters, coolants, lubricants, or other fuel products, the store has exactly what you need, and our experienced staff is always ready to help. 

Oil Analysis

We can help you collect fuel samples and send them to a third-party laboratory for oil analysis. Through a series of laboratory tests, oil analysis examines various aspects of the oil, such as viscosity, contamination levels, and the presence of trace elements and additives. These tests provide a comprehensive picture of the oil’s health and ability to lubricate your equipment effectively.


JB Dewar

Learn how JB Dewar can serve your needs with our cardlock fueling network, bulk delivery options, emergency call-outs, oil analysis service and kits.


  • Remote locations. Santa Barbara County encompasses various remote areas where access to fuel stations may be limited. Our reliable fuel delivery services give businesses and residents in these remote locations a convenient and consistent fuel supply to power their equipment, vehicles, and generators.
  • Fuel supply. The area is known for its thriving agricultural industry. Farms and vineyards heavily rely on fuel to operate machinery, irrigation systems, and transportation vehicles. With reliable fuel delivery services, farmers can rest assured that they have a steady fuel supply to keep their operations running smoothly.
  • Tourism and hospitality. Santa Barbara County attracts many tourists yearly, leading to a bustling hospitality industry. Hotels, restaurants, and event venues require fuel for backup generators, heating systems, kitchen appliances, and transportation. We ensure uninterrupted service for these establishments, even during emergencies or power outages.
  • Construction and contractors. The construction industry is active in the county, with ongoing projects and renovations. Reliable fuel delivery services are crucial for construction companies, contractors, and equipment operators who need a consistent fuel supply to run heavy machinery, such as excavators, cranes, and bulldozers.
  • Emergency preparedness. Santa Barbara County is prone to natural disasters like wildfires and earthquakes. Reliable fuel delivery becomes vital for emergency responders, hospitals, and evacuation centers during such emergencies. Fuel-powered generators and vehicles help maintain essential services and ensure the safety and well-being of residents.
  • Energy independence. As the world transitions towards renewable energy sources, reliable fuel delivery services support this transition. Biofuels and alternative fuels are being used more widely, and ensuring a consistent supply of these fuels is crucial for businesses and residents embracing cleaner energy options.

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